Weaving Vision, Heritage and Hope

The Synod of Otago and Southland history is completed and was launched at the Hewitson Library, Knox College, in November 2016.  Synod has agreed that copies be distributed free of charge.  Contact ymwilkie@gmail.com to order a copy.

Weaving Vision

Weaving Vision, Heritage and Hope examines the relationship between the Presbyterian Synod of Otago, southern Presbyterians and the wider New Zealand Presbyterian denomination focussing on its role and function from the time of Union of New Zealand’s two Presbyterian churches in 1901.  While recognising the significance of its financial support to both Church and community, Yvonne Wilkie explores Synod’s struggle to confront its social and spiritual goals in the face of declining membership, shifting demographics, changing social structures and expectations, issues of gender, biculturalism, cross cultural understanding and theological interpretation.  Synod’s quest to meet the needs of contemporary society and to fulfil their Otago Scottish founders’ vision of a ‘godly society’ through its outreach programmes threads its way throughout the book.  This history contributes to the discussion on the ever-changing religious and spiritual landscape in  southern New Zealand.


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